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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back after a long time away

Hopefully I will start posting on a regular basis - but I know I'm lazy as fuck, so I'm not putting any money on it.

Today is the last day of spring break I don't want to go back to class! I know that from now til the end of the semester is going to be one big bitch because of all the end of semester papers and the fact that I have to have my manager day in Tearoom on the 1st day of VEISHEA, which just happens to be the day of the Boston marathon So there won't be any enjoying VEISHEA for me this year I don't know why I have to take that god damned class - it's not like I'm going to have anything to do with a restaurant in my career. It should be an optional class for those who want to go into a restaurant-related job.

I hate school this semester. I'm totally unmotivated to the point that I really don't give a fuck about my grades. This is a 1st time experience for me. Usually I'm the student that has all the 1st chapters of the textbooks read before the class even starts, and am always on top of things - yeah I *was* that student. Now, I dunno what happened, but I've changed for the worse. All I care about is running and my boyfriend, Zach. All I wanna do is run and eat. I don't even enjoy sleeping anymore. It just seems like a waste of time. I need to find a way to get a lot of quick cash that isn't illegal so I can drop out of school and travel the world and run in all the countries I visit.

I've heard that this feeling is called a "quarter-life crisis". Whatever the fuck it is, my anti-depressants aren't making it go away. I switched meds & don't get as low as I did, but I'm still in a funk. I'm thinking I should just stop taking my meds - it's not like I'm any better now than before I started on them. Zach thinks I am though, so that's why I continue popping them day in and day out even though I'm probably damaging my liver as much as a typical college student who drinks every weekend.

On a happier note - today is my long run, which will be 14 miles. I'm going to wait for a couple of hours til the sun comes up to head out. Last weekend I hit the wall at about mile 13, so this week I'm going to bring some Gatorade and maybe some cereal to eat about halfway through.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Let's not let those right wing nut jobs take this one away...

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Griswold vs. Connecticut Supreme Court case in which it says states cannot have/make laws that prohibit counseling and use of contraception. Because of this case women were no longer looked upon to be the stay at home moms they once were. This case gave them the control to become part of society and enter the workforce. This case is the reason the infant mortality rate and maternal death rates have declined so much in the past 40 years. Today women make up nearly half of the work force, up from 1/3 in 1965.
Despite these things there are still pharmacists who refuse to fill women's prescriptions for birth control. There are still lawmakers who think family planning isn't a public health benefit. These facts are sickening. We are moving backwards on our progressions when pharmacists, whose job it is to fill whatever prescription a doctor sees fit to give someone, can refuse to do so without losing their job. If the damn pharmacist doesn't feel right filling every prescription they need to quit! They are in the wrong career. They have no right to force their "moral obligations" on others who don't agree. If you agree with this please sign this petition to not let pharmacists send women back to the times before the Griswold ruling:

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Right wing nutjobs

This morning my boyfriend and I (hey baby...since you're probably the only one that ever reads this) were watching some church show (don't ask me why, he turned it there). Anyways, the preacher was going off on gay marriage. He was saying stupid things like "If we allow two men to get married, then what's stopping three from getting married?" I don't get it, all of a sudden this argument about gay marriage leading to polygamy is coming from the right wing nutjobs. I guess they have realized all the arguments they've been using before are stupid, so they felt like it was time to come up with an even more off the wall argument. The preacher guy also said something like "Gays dont' want to get married, they want to destroy marriage." How sad/stupid/disgusting is that? Of course gay people want to get married! They just want to have the same rights as everyone else. Thinking they want to destroy "the institution of marriage" is crazy talk. How exactly do these people think they are protecting "the institution of marriage" by not allowing gays to marry in the first place? If homosexuals were allowed to marry it wouldn't degrade or bring harm to any marriage which is already in place. It wouldn't affect any straight person's marriage at all. I guess when you read fairytales (the bible) too much, you start having ludicrous thoughts like that.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Where do I start?

Where do I begin? How about how crappy I'm feeling today because I can't hear out of my left ear...I just went to the health center here on campus and they dont' know what the hell is wrong with it. And then of course there is all the bullshit that is going on with the conservatives which makes me want to move out of the country more and more everyday. It's no wonder every other country despises us....can you blame them? Everyday we are getting closer to a theocracy...and you see I am an atheist. More on this later. I have to be at work in about 20 minutes. :( For now this post on Democratic Underground sums up a lot of how I feel: DU
Oh well at least the new Oasis album came out this week (Don't Believe the Truth). It's brilliant...yeah I'm still mad fer it.